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Tired of Being a Landlord in Kansas City? Here’s the Problem.

Owning a buy and hold investment can cause serious anxiety

Between constant home maintenance, hiring unreliable property management companies and dealing with bad tenants leasing your Kansas City rental property isn’t always a sound decision. So, what do you do when you’re tired of being a landlord? Sell your rental property to us!

There are several reasons a Kansas City rental property owner might be tired of being a landlord.

Capitol Expenses and Frequent Repairs

One of the biggest reasons is due to losing capital in order to maintain the property. Most landlords expect to pay for minor repairs, landscaping, and other usual home maintenance items. Often times, however, unexpected expenses will shock your profit margins. Replacing faulty appliances or repairing a leaky roof can create a negative cash flow, thwarting most landlords plans.

Owning a rental property in Kansas City doesn’t mean that money will just magically appear in your bank account every month. Occasional, but major, expenses should be a part of your rental property’s contingency plan; often, the associated costs are much higher than initially anticipated. If you’re not comfortable with the possibility of losing money on your rental property, selling your rental property to us might be the best option.

Third Party Management Companies In Kansas City

In Kansas City, many rental property owners seek the services of third parties to manage their portfolios. While there are many reasons for this: saving time spent filling vacancies, answering tenants’ repair requests, finding contractors to fix basic issues; but hiring property management companies can be more costly and an unsatisfying solution.

Property management companies are an added expense, further subtracting from a landlord’s potential profit. Ron Leshnower, a legal publisher for NOLO, confirms this. When inquiring about management groups, “expect to hear quotes ranging between 5% and 10% of what you collect in rent revenue”. Although the percentage seems low, 5 to 10 percent can be bank-breaking in a down rental market. A landlord can lose out on a huge portion of profit when hiring a property management company.

The expenses don’t just end with monthly management fees; some property management groups are known to overcharge for simple repairs! A leaky faucet can turn into a several-hundred-dollar call to a plumber. A loose floorboard can cost the landlord thousands when the management company hires an outside contractor. Without a keen eye, property management companies can take advantage of your hands-off approach.

Large property management companies have competing priorities concerning handling your Kansas City rental home. These management companies will be juggling multiple landlords and their properties. They’ll often mishandle or neglect your property due to the sheer volume of complaints. Are they a 24-hours group? If not, your tenants will be neglected during afterhours. Instead, they’ll call you with emergencies.

Sometimes accepting bad tenants in a rental property cannot be avoided.

Dealing with tenants is one of a landlord’s most burdensome duties. When hiring property management groups, you trust them to deal with high-maintenance renters. Yet, most don’t know what to do when tenants tear up your house!

To prevent monetary loss, property management companies will fill a rental with the first tenant that applies. They’ll forego an extensive background check, a costly mistake. Bad tenants can default on lease agreements or steal appliances or furniture. They can even do irreparable damage to your property; transforming your newly updated home into an undesirable fixer-upper. You’ll be tired of being a landlord in no time.

Selling a buy and hold investment with a Real Estate Agent In Kansas City

Property management companies can be an expensive, unreliable option in the long run; when you’re tired of being a landlord selling your investment might be the best option. Most sellers consider using a realtor when selling their property but, many real estate agents have a hard time selling a house with tenants.

Realtors can have trouble complying with tenant-landlord laws.

Most states give the tenant the right of first refusal (ROFR). The ROFR is a contractual right. It allows the tenant to sue a landlord if not given the offer to buy before selling the rental property. In Kansas City, if an agent ignores the ROFR you could be in major legal trouble. You could end up spending thousands in legal fees before selling.

Tenants can be uncooperative and downright hostile during the selling process.

Agents also must be mindful of a current tenant’s right to refuse showings. Showing a home to potential buyers is key to selling residential property. If the tenant is unwilling to show or unable to keep the property in showroom condition, you may lose out on a sale.

Others refuse to pay the last month’s rent before closing. Before hiring an agent to assist in selling a house with tenants, take your time. Decide whether they’re worth the headache and money it costs to sell a tenant-occupied property.

Selling your rental property to a Kansas City House Buying Company

If selling your rental property is the best option, then how do you sell your house most efficiently with tenants? In many circumstances, selling to a Kansas City house buying company is the right choice. Utilize the offers made by house buying companies, it’ll often give you the simplest and least stressful solution to many property problems.

You needn’t stress over the legalities of how to evict tenants living in your current rental property.

You’re able to sell to a house buying company without evicting tenants. Rid yourself of bad tenants and costly property management fees in a quick, easy sale without using an agent. House buying companies buy homes as-is, even those in poor condition due to disrespectful tenants.

You don’t have to worry about selling a house with a valid lease agreement when selling to a house buying company in Kansas City! House buying companies have the expertise to handle even the stickiest lease agreements. They allow you to close quicker and move on to better investment opportunities.

Selling to a house buying agent also ensures your tenants will have a hassle-free transition from seller to buyer. This is especially great if you’re related to the existing tenants, a common occurrence for landlords.

Kansas City house buying agents allow you to sell your rental property without worrying about tenants. Neither do you have to worry about repairs, additional fees, or leasing agreements. If you’re tired of being a landlord, selling your rental to a house buying agent is a dream come true.

Plains Wind Property LLC gives you a cash offer within one day and you can close whenever works best for you.

Sell Your Investment to the Kansas City Cash Home Buying Company

Another option is to sell your home to a cash house buying company. You won’t have to worry about any repairs. You save thousands on agent commission costs. You can also receive a no-obligation cash offer in just 24 hours.

You can have your Kansas City rental property sold in a week!

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