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What does it mean to sell my house fast?

Selling your house fast can be a headache. Advertisements, Realtor fees, home inspections; all are time-consuming and costly. If you’re attempting to sell a house that needs a lot of work, getting your home in showroom condition might not be worth it financially.

In the Kansas City area, we can buy your house with no fees and are able to provide a fast closing‎. Don’t wait around for a realtor, we pay cash for houses making the selling process fast.

In preparation of selling your home in Kansas City, you must answer these questions:

  1. Will I receive more money once I fix a house or sell it as-is?
  2. If I fix it, how am I going to finance the repairs?
  3. When you cannot afford to fix it, how do I sell my house as-is and fast?

Selling with a Kansas City Realtor As-Is

Going the traditional route and using a Realtor to sell a house fast with too many repairs is tough enough, but selling a house fast that needs repairs, especially major ones, is seemingly impossible for even experienced Kansas City real estate agents. As the 2016 housing market steadily grows, the 2016 housing market steadily grows, as projected by Jonathan Smoke, Chief Economist for, buyers have become more selective with a plethora of homes for sale.

When selling a house that needs repairs, Realtors often suggest lowering your asking price to shorten your home’s time on market. In theory, this is great. The more time a house spends on the Kansas City housing market, the more time a homeowner spends paying the home’s utilities, taxes, and insurance.

Speed to Market

When selling a house that needs repairs, Realtors often suggest lowering your asking price to shorten your home’s time on market. In theory, this is great: the more time a house spends on the market, the more time a homeowner spends paying the home’s utilities, taxes, and insurance.

However, Kansas City Realtors are more concerned with selling and receiving payment than selling your home at top price to the right buyer. Sometimes, using a Realtor means giving up your home’s best chance to sell.

Realtor Fees

Using a Kansas City Realtor also comes with unexpected fees, commissions, and unwanted advice on how to manage your property. Yahoo! Finance’s Mandi Woodruff estimates that even after paying the buyer’s commission – generally 3% – For Sale By Owners (FSBOs) cut selling costs in half by avoiding their own broker’s commission. With a median household cost, cutting out a Realtor saves thousands!

A Stress-Free Solution

Desire a simple, stress-free solution to selling your as-is house fast? Then consider a cash buyer: expect no fees, quick closings, and your problems are freed.

If you’re looking to sell a house in Kansas City fast with repairs by using contractors: expect heavy fees, paperwork, and other hassles.

Want to hire a Realtor and sell without making repairs? Expect even heavier fees, a longer time on market and other complications due to third-party involvement.

Why choose Kansas City Cash Home Buying Company?

Considering a cash buyer might seem unorthodox, but it’s quite common in today’s market. As of 2017, 30 percent of homebuyers used 100 percent cash when purchasing. Some estimate that percentage even higher today.

Accepting a cash provides serenity and security when trying to sell your as-is house fast. Cash buyers offer a much quicker close; this is due to their ability to skip the mortgage process completely. By avoiding banks, selling to a cash buyer means closing and receiving payment within a week – as opposed to the typical 30 days. This speed of sell means more money in your pocket sooner.

Cash buyers also provide more stability for sellers in Kansas City. They are usually pre-approved before making an offer on your home. So when a cash buyer is interested, there’s a sureness of sell that cannot be matched elsewhere.

Arguably the best advantage to accepting a cash buyer is their desire to buy your home as-is. Homeowners needn’t worry about fixing major repairs, updating outdated finishes, or appealing to the average buyer. A cash buyer wants your home just the way it is, and is willing to pay fair market value for it.

How do you sell your as-is house in Kansas City fast?

Avoid costly renovations and contractors, skip the Realtor and their associated fees, and seek out Plains Wind Property LLC, your cash home buyer. We offer you more security and money without settling for less.

We buy houses Kansas City. We work fast. We can get you a no-obligation cash offer, for you house, within 24 hours. If you are not completely satisfied with the offer we make to buy your house, you don’t have to accept it. No charge. No fees.

We’d love to talk to you today about the house and your situation, call us now at (816) 287-0329. Even if you decide not to sell your house, we’re here to help.

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